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As in the previous VCC, guest speakers will be requested to produce a 1-2 page response to the questions in sessions 1-4 within one week of acceptance of the invitation. This will be used to recruit discussant to each session from the fields mentioned in the program. The discussants, in turn, are required to promptly submit a 1-2 page response to the guest speaker’s statement upon acceptance of the invitation. These abstract will be placed on the VCC website before the conference. The conference is associated with an official VCC publication. The speakers and the discussants will be required to submit a contribution of up to five pages, in addition to the abstract. The submission must be ready before the conference. The second submission should be a more detailed statement than the abstract that a) accurately summaries their answer to the question or comment to the answer and b) if possible, considers the other contributions to the session. The collection of papers will then be a relatively accurate description of the conference. We plan to publish them as proceedings with the University of Vienna Press. In addition to these contributions, the organizers will write up a short description of discussions and debates that arose from these contributions. Each session will be video taped with two cameras. Videos of the presentations and the discussion will be cut in order to publish the information on the web and make it available on DVD’s.

Vienna Conference on Consciousness 2008

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